Dr. Richter Konfliktsimulationen
Make games, not war!

Welcome to the world of conflict simulations!

"Consims" are board games that are not only designed to entertain, but also to teach knowledge and build strategic thinking. They broach the issue of historical wars, as well as current or hypothetical political, military and economic conflicts. Students of history know that "war is hell", as U.S. general Sherman once said. Hence our motto: Make games, not war!


Here you can find our current assortment. Not found what you are looking for? Please don't hesitate to ask whether we can obtain it for you. Placing an order is easy:

1. Please send us an email at info@richter-kosim.de, listing the title and quanity of the games you desire along with your  postal address.

2. Upon receiving your email, we will send you an invoice with your total bill. Shipping and handling are five Euros in Germany, fifteen Euros inside the European Union. Customers from outside the EU please ask. A discount of three per cent applies to orders by email!

3. Once we have received your payment, the articles will be sent.


We are proud to not only be a reseller of games, but also designers as well and currently have published two solitaire games:

"Hindenburg’s Hour" is a simulation of the Tannenberg campaign in 1914. It has been published in cooperation with the "Gesellschaft für historische Simulationen" to introduce newcomers to consims. The player takes on the role of Paul von Hindenburg. His task is to defend the province of East Prussia against the Russian 1st and 2nd Armies, advancing from east and south, respectively.

Eight-page rules booklet, 8’’ x 12’’ map, 25 die-cut counters, ziplock bag. You also need one six-sided die which is not provided with the game.

15,99 Euros plus 2,50 Euros shipping and handling in Germany, five Euros abroad.

"Kido Butai" - already in the second edition - simulates the battle of Midway during the Pacific War from a Japanese perspective. As commanding admiral, your task is to destroy the American base on the atoll and sink any carrier you encounter while preserving your own strength.

Eight-page rules booklet, 8’’ x 12’’ map, 55 die-cut counters, ziplock bag. You also need one six-sided die which is not provided with the game.


Representation of
Australian Design Group

We are proud to represent Australian Design Group for all of Europe and Africa. ADG's most notable consim is the world's largest board game "World in Flames collector's edition". The map of this classic about the Second World War encompasses more than two square meters, the superdeluxe set contains over 9.000 counters. We also offer other ADG products such as "7 Ages" or - released in cooperation with Compass Games - "Fatal Alliances" and "Blitz!".